The Epidemic of the Unfulfilled | Kath talks selling your ‘unique contribution’

Ticker News_Kath Clarke Interview

Ticker News interviews Kath Clarke on #greatresignation


As we transition into a new normal, you might be reflecting. Perhaps you’re feeling a little unfulfilled like you might want a change, but don’t know how the wonderful patchwork of your life experiences adds up to what’s next for you!

The good news is we are in a highly creative new normal, which means anything could be possible! And YOUR ‘possible’ can start to unfurl by becoming aware of what your unique contribution is through some guided identity discovery work.

When you discover what YOUR unique contribution is, you have the basis of a personal brand, which directs really powerful choices of what to do next, who with, and in what ‘vehicle’…be it a new challenge, new job or new business.

I was interviewed on Ticker News about just this, how it fits with personal branding, and the bigger picture of the ‘epidemic of the unfulfilled’ workforce.

More recently Anthony Klotz (Associate Professor of Management at Texas A&M) named the trend I was hinting at #greatresignation. Much hot debate has come from this now too, and many think it’s more of a #greatrealignment.

Whatever the thoughts of the academics, I’m more interested in YOU on the ground in the workforce! What do you think  – hit me up in the comments below!


Kath x

Busy designing ‘Impact Alchemys‘ for clients wanting to know what to do, with who, and how, to create a fulfilling and impactful business or career.

It all starts by unearthing and reconnecting you to your Unique Contribution!

If You Dare To Lead

You can feel a light switched on inside you, and you know it could change everything. But don’t know how to transform that glow into a light-house, Kath can help you illuminate the opportunities around you and your contribution pathway. Kath has uncovered the unique contribution for over 75+ corporate leaders, consultants & coaches, as well as creating agency cohesion and defining their collective ‘edge’. Her technique is playful, efficient, and completely unique.

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6 replies
  1. Emily Weiss
    Emily Weiss says:

    Absolutely love your interview and this post. You are right. We should trust ourselves and our intuition and what we feel we can contribute positively to our job or business. I can see the importance of discovering what our unique contribution is, or I might spend years taking the wrong path. Thank you so much for sharing these awesome tips…I feel more on track!

  2. Jacquelyn Evans
    Jacquelyn Evans says:

    Kath: Outstanding interview. You killed it. I think I need your help to create my brand identity for my business because I’m struggling right now!

  3. Mary Blackford
    Mary Blackford says:

    Omg look at you beaming!!! So gorgeous. How do you do it? It’s only been 48 hours out of lockdown!

  4. Alexandra Herrington
    Alexandra Herrington says:

    You are so articulate about exactly why I have been struggling. I couldn’t put words to what it is but I am starting to get it thanks to you!

  5. Amanda Scott
    Amanda Scott says:

    Hi Kath, I read your blog and watched your video. It was amazing. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It is valuable information for all of us, most especially for me. I need this one right now. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Courtney Bailey
    Courtney Bailey says:

    This is perfect and I’m thinking I need to revisit my personal brand after listening to you. It is vital to understand our unique skills, qualities, and expertise, ideally those that will create a more meaningful career. Thank you for your free and explicit information.

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