Are you feeling the tug of ambition, dreaming of transitioning from the security of full-time work to the exhilarating realm of consultancy in your SME field? 

Or perhaps you’re yearning to raise your profile, standing out as an authority in your industry? 

As the humdrum of full-time work whispers a yearning for something more, the prospect of consultancy shimmers on the horizon. 

That’s great. 

So how do you get yourself out there? 

How do you start fine-tuning what you do? 

What is a Position Statement?

Picture this – you’re at a networking event, and someone asks you what you do. Do you have an answer that goes beyond the surface? Crafting a positioning statement is not just about creating a tagline; it’s about expressing YOU. Your brand’s heartbeat.

A powerful position statement captures who you are, what you offer, and why it’s irresistible. It’s not just a marketing spiel; it’s the essence of your brand woven into a few impactful sentences.

Where to start?

Before we dive into crafting your perfect position statement, let’s tap into your unique story – the experiences, passions, and perspectives that define you. This isn’t just about consultancy; it’s about illuminating the essence of who you are. If you’ve worked with me before, you’d have heard of my Origin Story Technique or my Impact Alchemy. It’s where personal brand meets strategy. Together we’ll draw out your unique story,  a narrative that resonates with authenticity, setting the stage for your consultancy brand.

Who do I start with? 

To capture your perfect audience you need to speak to them directly. Picture your ideal client. What challenges do they face? How can your consultancy alleviate their pain points? Your position statement should be tailored to resonate with their exact needs.

How do I solve their problem?

To shine the light on why you’re the solution to their problems, you need to understand exactly how you solve them. Begin by narrowing down your expertise. What makes you stand out in your SME field? What’s your competitive advantage? What makes you, you? And how does that answer their pain point? Identify what makes you unique and see your true value. Be seen and understood for who you truly are.

When do I own it? 

When you understand your value. Your unique value is in the way you  articulate your legacy, bigger mission, or purpose. When you embody what it feels like to be a leader on your own terms – in your own skin; in your own words; and derived from your own greatness. If you need help with this, I created Sprint Offerings – a blend of done-with-you and done-for-you services to kick start you embodying your true self. 

How to refine it?

After you’ve delved deep and unearth and articulate your unique contribution, rework it until it’s short, impactful, and to the point. Aim for one to three sentences or phrases; clarity resonates better than complexity.

Here’s some short, snappy examples that stick: 

  • We solve business problems by looking at your humans first (HR company)
  • I empower companies to integrate sustainable holistic healthcare frameworks by commercialising the outcomes. (Medical SME Consultant for Cruise Companies)
  • I give women the tools to liberate themselves into money freedom, and build a financial legacy. (Financial Liberation Coach).


 A powerful position statement isn’t truly powerful until you’ve truly stepped into it. Go out and live it. Show up more. Do more. Be more impactful. 

If you need help, let’s work together using my unique Impact Alchemy process. With proven results my process uncovers your unique contribution as a an expansive living leader. Step out of the vicious cycle of self-doubt and personal development, and step into your uniqueness.

Are you ready to build a work-life around your life’s work? Let’s go.

Struggling to consistently share engaging content on social media? So many of my clients are spending upward of 15hrs a week tending to their socials garden! 

LinkedIn or Instagram is slowly sucking their time and inspiring energy, and all they’re hearing is crickets!

But you don’t have to do content creation EVERY day. I mean if you love it – go for it, but I think most of my clients prefer to be making the ACTUAL impact they’re here to make! 

Let’s check out how an evergreen content creation system can effortlessly grow and nurture your audience. (The bonus of building a creative evergreen system is that your campaigns become SOOO much more effective!)

The key is having content mapped to every stage of your audience’s journey:

  1. Attract their attention with value. Develop blogs, guides, or videos that provide solutions to questions your audience has. Sounds obvious – but I can hear you saying ‘where do I start?’ (head to my Signature Framework sprint to find out about unpacking your thought leadership!)
  2. Build relationships and trust. Share personality-driven content like behind-the-scenes and customer success stories. (I have a great case study builder – book a call and we can chat about it)
  3. Generate engagement with polls, questions, and conversations. Respond consistently.
  4. Promote your offers. Highlight program details, enrolment deadlines, and special promotions.
  5. Guide new followers. Welcome and onboard them by sharing your best introductory content.
  6. Develop many variations of each content type mapped to audience needs.
  7. Store and schedule these evergreen content variations to autopost consistently. But not just on your socials – think CRM too! (If you need a new all-in-one CRM solution for coaches and consultants check out Amplify)

Having a bank of optimised evergreen content allows you to confidently build engaged audiences 24/7 without starting at a blank page each day. Automate posting so you can focus on high-impact activities like connecting one-on-one. Consistent value drives growth.

Want more coaching clients to convert after visiting your website? Got a high bounce rate. Google (and other search engines) LOVE your website when people want to stick around on it! So creating a site that is SEO friendly, loaded with great content is absolutely KEY in getting found in search engines!

Learn how to create a high-converting website tailored specifically to attract and engage your ideal clients.

Optimizing your website starts with understanding your niche clients’ journey:

  1. Identify your client avatar. Determine your ideal client’s demographics, worldview, goals and challenges. Your content targets their needs.
  2. Map their journey. Outline the typical path and questions your niche client has when researching coaches. Design page content accordingly.
  3. Lead with your transformation. Prominently feature the tangible outcome clients get from your consulting or coaching. Include proof through testimonials.
  4. Communicate your niche clearly. Use targeted language focussed on your specialty and the specific problems you solve for your niche.
  5. Guide visitors to convert. Use calls-to-action, lead flows, and forms to capture contacts and guide prospects to sales conversations.
  6. Feature your personality. Share your origin story, values, and pictures of yourself. Humanise your website to build familiarity and trust.
  7. Optimise technical elements. Speed up load times, enhance SEO rankings, and create a mobile-friendly experience.

With strategic conversion-focused design tailored to your niche, your website can become an impactful experience for your visitors, not to mention a client nurturing machine! 

The key is to clarify your difference, and guide visitors on a journey through your content.  Accelerate your impact by capturing more leads with a beautiful website.

It gets tiring – the ol’ roundabout of attract, convert, deliver, repeat. Skip a beat in a new consulting or coaching business and you soon get whacked with the reality of inconsistent income! 

If you’re ready to put your lead generation, nurturing and connection out reach on autopilot you need a client attraction and generating  system.

The key is combining proven sales funnels, content marketing and marketing automation technology.

Follow these steps:

  1. Identify your ideal client avatar. Get ultra-clear on demographics, emotions, and needs of your perfect client. Your funnel targets this avatar.
  2. Map their buyer’s journey. Outline the typical path your niche clients follow from awareness to purchase. Design communications matched to each stage.
  3. Develop effective lead magnets. Create free trainings, guides, or assessments tailored to where your avatar is in their journey as “entry points”. (This involved knowing the stage of awareness they’re at in their buying journey too).
  4. Build out your sales funnel. Guide prospects through a series of tailored emails and offers that lead to calls, demos, and enrollment. But don’t smash them over the head with sales stick, think generous useful content, origins stories, tips n tricks – give without expectation of sales in return! 
  5. Set up marketing automation. Use workflows triggered by prospect behaviours to deliver personalised messaging automatically.
  6. Promote via targeted ads. Speak on other people’s platforms, connect in online groups,  using niche keywords focused on your avatar. Drive traffic into your funnel.
  7. Nurture leads consistently. Stay top of mind with announcements, value-added content, and special offers through automation.

By guiding prospects through an automated, tailored journey, you can convert consistent, predictable leads on autopilot. The right client attraction and generation system allows you to confidently accelerate your impact while delivering incredible coaching/ consulting value.

Do potential clients have trouble seeing you as a credible coach, consultant or Subject Matter Expert? 

This article explores how to develop a strong personal brand that builds trust and attracts your ideal clients.

Crafting an impressive brand starts with getting clarity on who you are and what is your competitive difference:

  1. Identify your niche. Get ultra clear on the specific problem you solve and audience you serve. Your brand must appeal directly to this niche. Think psychographics not just demographics!
  2. Define your key transformation. Boil down the core result clients get from your coaching into a simple compelling ultimate promise statement. You might have multiple promises, but there is a way to package many ideas into one core message (check out the Impact Alchemy).
  3. Unearth your origin story. Outline your background and life journey to show what shaped your expertise, gifts, strengths and purpose. Storytelling builds rapport and buy in!
  4. Determine your ideal visual identity. Work with a visual branding agency to select colours, fonts, and imagery that reflect your authentic personality but still resonates with your niche clients.
  5. Develop polished brand assets. Your ideal clients are being trained in what to expect visually from every company they shop with – think Zomp, Witchery, Canva, Scratch pet Food, just as afew examples of beautiful brands. If you want to attract your high value clients your visual identity needs to meet them where they’re at with  pro graphics for your logo, website, social media, and marketing materials. Align your look and feel.
  6. Show your personality in your messaging. Infuse your communications with your authentic human voice, inspiring passion, and humour that makes you relatable. Avoid corporate jargon.Nust be yourself – but nice like!
  7. Spotlight client success stories. Gather testimonials from ideal clients who’ve achieved incredible transformations through your consulting. Build trust by showing people who have the same problems and the path they walked to the solution.

With clarity on your niche, offer, story, and visual identity, you can develop a strong personal brand as a coach, consultant or SME. A polished, targeted brand attracts your perfect clients, allowing you to confidently embody and amplify your impact. Nothing like seeing yourself looking killer on your own website, to make you say “dammmn I do know what i’m talking about don’t I!?”

Are you an expert in your field but aren’t sure how to stand out as a thought leader? 

This post looks at how high-level leadership training can help coaches, consultants and Subject Matter Experts (SME) establish strong personal brands and amplify their impact.

Becoming recognized as a thought leader starts with packaging your expertise into a proven leadership framework. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Identify your Zone of Genius or Unique Contribution. What perspectives, methods, or innovations do you have that others lack? (Having super clarity on what your ideal clients have tried before to solve their problems will help with this!) Get ultra clear on your core message.
  2. Systematize your approach. Synthesise your tactics into a step-by-step leadership training program or a signature framework. Outline your methodology and sequence. Have a visual sales framework to articulate and communicate your value.
  3. Invest in powerful branding. Develop a professional brand identity that instills confidence in your expertise. Match the quality of your image to your price point.
  4. Perfect your positioning. Differentiate yourself from the competition by promoting the specific transformations clients achieve through your leadership training or signature framework.
  5. Create authoritative content. Regularly share blogs, videos, social content and talks centred around your expertise. Provide value and showcase your thought leadership.
  6. Leverage speaking opportunities. Establish credibility through speaking engagements and podcast interviews focused on your niche. Highlight client success stories.
  7. Promote your program or framework. If you’re a coach, run offers, launch sequences, and events to sell your leadership training. If you’re a SME or consultant – develop a strong LinkedIn Reach out strategy to consistently build connections. Enrol initial clients, gather testimonials, and refine based on feedback.

With persistence and consistency, you can cement your status as an industry thought leader and amplify your impact. When you own your expertise, you gain the power to influence change and build a purposeful business, and build a work life around your life’s work!

Do you feel a calling to help others live more purposeful lives but aren’t sure how to turn it into a coaching business? This post explores how you can uncover your own purpose and share it through purpose-led life coaching to amplify your impact.

Finding your true purpose and turning it into a fulfilling career as a coach takes self-exploration, courage, and the right framework.

Here are the key steps:

  1. Look inward to identify your core gifts and passions. What talents or wisdom do you have to share? What social causes or people speak to your heart? Meditation and mindfulness can provide clarity.
  2. Analyze your previous work and life experiences. What themes run through the work you love? What frustrations have you experienced? Your ideal coaching focus likely aligns with the times you’ve felt most engaged and alive.
  3. Clarify how your gifts can help others. How can your talents and experiences transform others’ lives? Lean into this exciting ripple effect you can have through coaching. You might like to listen to me talk about this more on my State of Influence training.
  4. Systematize your approach into programs. Use proven frameworks to synthesize your methods and philosophies into packaged offerings. Test and refine these programs.
  5. Name your niche. Articulate your specific coaching specialty so ideal clients understand and connect with your purpose. Get clear on the transformation you provide.
  6. Boldly share your message. Build your authority and credibility in your niche through blogging, social media, and networking. Deliver talks and offers centred around your purpose to amplify your impact.

Following this pathway, you can build a thriving purpose-led coaching practice sharing your unique gift with the world. You have clarity to offer; now is the time to embrace the edge and step into your purpose.

If you need help unearthing your key point of difference, unique contribution to coaching, or how to package your key messaging, take a look at the Impact Alchemy.

A/Prof Francine Marques is a National Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow, Monash University. A medical researcher, Francine currently leads a team of 13 scientists who are working toward discovering new ways to prevent heart disease through our gut microbes. Francine’s leadership has been key to new programs to support those working in science, particularly women. Examples include national and international mentoring programs, a podcast about mentoring with world leaders in heart disease, and a woman in heart research spotlight. She has led a national survey of researchers to determine how to improve their work conditions and retention.

Aminata Conteh-Biger is an Australian author, speaker, advocate, special representative for Australia UNHCR and performer as well as the founder and CEO of non- profit organisation, the Aminata Maternal Foundation, saving the lives of hundreds of mothers and babies in her home country, Sierra Leone. Determined to “be change” while on earth, Aminata describes this as her vow to her integrity. In 2020, Aminata’s memoir ‘Rising Heart’ was published by Pan Macmillan; recalling her trauma at being kidnapped from her father’s arms as a teenager and used as a sex slave.

Naureen Alam is the Senior Manager, Future Business and Technology at AGL. A change-maker in the clean energy industry, Naureen is passionate about operationalising innovation & tech to realise a sustainable energy future. Recognised as an Engineers Australia’s Young Engineer of the Year finalist and selected for EnergyLab’s Women in Clean Energy Fellowship program, Naureen has also completed a Masters in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University, UK. Naureen has delivered $10million value by leading a gender balanced and technically diverse team.