We recently took ourselves through a self-guided rebrand (given that I’m a brand strategist!) 

We enlisted the amazing skills of FlySocial’s David Lee Schneider to help bounce our website design, program design, and social media process off! It is nigh on impossible to do this for yourself even if that’s what other people pay you to do!

I have to say I am AMPED with the results!


We have had loads of insanely good feedback, and the copy really speaks to the ideal client now! 

The reason we decided to rebrand was quite simple we had grown.

It was like our audience wasn’t resonating anymore but our offering hadn’t changed.

At the time I was thinking it was because there were other amazing agencies on the market, and coaches, but I realised it was a lot more detailed than that, and wasn’t actually that at all!

We really embraced the change of direction from being a digital marketing agency, to really honing in on our ideal client, (who despite me thinking we had it right – it wasn’t! – Again weird that I can show my clients how far off the mark they are but not myself!)

The new brand has launched us into a whole new stratosphere that we are thrilled to be playing in!

So how did we do it?


1. I built a new audience.

 I transitioned my socials (actually I had done that courageously already in a leap of faith earlier in the year) to start only really talking about what I want to be doing not what I had been spruiking. So the socials became more about Magic and Edge, and less about digital marketing hacks and Facebook ads.

2. We went through a case study process.

This is where we took on a few entirely different clients for a minimal fee to test our new brand and offering. That helped in two ways – 1/ it helped me get over my ‘imposter syndrome’ of targeting corporates even though I didn’t have loads of experience with the industry. And 2/ it made me realise that it’s not the marketing people are buying from me! (more on that in a minute!)

3. We reengaged the existing list around the new idea.

It was so interesting because as soon as we started marketing the fact that I was no longer necessarily just a Marketer, but that I help find people’s Unique Contribution, and then create an edgy profile, or business brand, from that, many of my previous clients started to email me back!

Their response was basically “AHHH you’re finally selling what you actually DO, rather than what you think we want!” 

In fact so much so that someone I had worked with in 2016 had the courage to email me and say “I just got invited to be a part of your FB group, and I have to say, when we first met you rocked my world with some copy you whipped up on our first phone call, for my coaching program. I was so in awe of it I signed up for your annual program. Then I met your marketing manager, and I felt disgruntled. It’s now clear why. I bought your magic, not your marketing! I bought YOU and I got her!”

That was SO revealing (let alone AMAZING that she had the courage to tell me and I had the courage not to freak out that I had upset her!).

It gave me buoyancy to know this new rebrand and direction is EXACTLY where I need to be!

4. We gathered testimonials for our new website & socials.

From the case study program we immediately got the most profound of testimonials from MUCH higher-level clients (I’m talking COO of £80 million Investment company in the UK, as well a University Lecturer & Fellow in New Zealand.) Before then I was working with struggling start-ups who just didn’t need this level of magic yet! They just wanted me to do their marketing and make their side hustle work!

5. We rebuilt the website & offer.

With all these exciting decentralised platforms creating so much opportunity for banking, politics, and the arts, as well as innovative science that has the ability to WAKE UP and create fulfillment for so many people… I’m filled with hope.


I proved something to myself.

So it turns out through the rebranding process (using my new offering of the Leadership Alchemy) we really solidified and proved the hypothesis that I am indeed a Magician, not a Marketer!