Personal reflections only – not necessarily fact, and you don’t have to agree – merely food for the hopeful soul.


I have known for a while now, thanks to some incredible energetic work I do with my coach Grace Ambrook, that we were at a tipping point. About 3 years ago (Feb 2018) I did a meditation immersion with her (not drug-induced!).  I had a vision of a Petrie dish, with all these little cells sticking together in a structure.

In the vision, the cells began to break away from each other. Occasionally they would bump into each other, support or transform each other, but it was generous sharing, not ownership. It felt like I was witnessing whole and complete love in action.

When I emerged from the meditative state, Grace and I debriefed on my vision. She shared an insight that we were at the start of an awakening, where the power structures that have ruled the world were starting to crumble.

And here we are in 2021, watching it unfold at a rapid rate before our eyes.

There is much to have hope about right now.


Let me walk you through what I see.

But first, let me address what we’ve been experiencing.

We have a climate problem. The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report states that if we can’t limit the rise in temperatures to 1.5c (we are already at 1c), global warming poses a grave risk to humanity.

In the context of Australia, where I live, we are already seeing more and longer-lasting intense heatwaves, harsher droughts, coastal flooding and longer, more dangerous bushfire seasons.

Now we have a pandemic.

Science is moving faster than ever to keep humanity from the near and present danger of a mass global death toll.

Humanity is waking up to our mortality as a species, with something that hits them at home, right between the eyes – their own health and that of their families.


We are waking up…


While they wake up, there is anger, fear, mistrust, and judgment being flung from groups that before may have laid complacent. But equally, people are encouraging each other to be more understanding, loving, and empathic.

More and more people are researching for their own health interests, rather than outsourcing the responsibility to others.  Spurred on by questions over the impacts of the vaccine on themselves, and society, in the form of mutations, selection pressure – what it means for now, what it means for the future.

We are left with more questions than answers at the moment. But, we are learning. Learning to take responsibility for ourselves and each other, because right now no one can truly say they can save us!

and that’s where my hope springs from.


Before now, many left the problem solving to ‘experts’ – people who, through their own passion and sense of duty, dedicated their lives to what they believe in.

Scientists, Activists, Religious Leaders, Teachers, Philosophers, Politicians, Artists.

As a society, we got busy outsourcing the responsibility of our health, culture, and the very survival of humanity, to those who actually gave a shit. Just so the rest of us could go on taking medication, drinking booze, buying shit and chucking it out!

The great news for us is that while we all sat complacently taking our hand out, they were working.

They were at work…


They were tying themselves to trees in old-growth forests, where the mycelium network probably holds the answer to future vaccines of future pandemics (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching Fantastic Funghi on Netflix).

They were lobbying (and winning over) governments to permit (and fund) the controlled studies of experimental psychedelics, formulating treatments for the rising tide of mental health, cancer and autoimmune disorders that are threatening to swamp us.  (Australia has just recently funded pilot studies too!)

People like Charles Hoskinson were writing white papers to create the Cardano (an open platform, decentralised) blockchain so that it might become more accessible to the general public.

Blockchain has the potential to let artists OWN their art again without rip-offs. It has the potential to eliminate fraud from banking, elections, medical records and more.

Hoskinson and his team have already solved the limitations of previous blockchain based crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, created by their environmental impact through intensive power consumption to ‘mine or transfer a coin’.

Even if you don’t know what any of this means, just know this, Cardano has done deals with African and American govenrments to deploy their decentralised technology in a variety of industries. In 2021 they announced plans to launch an identity and record-keeping system on Cardano for Ethopia’s five million students.

This means TRUE election results, an end to fraudulent identities, a way for Ethiopians to get paid without using cash… the potential to ACTUALLY change the poverty-stricken situation of many! This is just one of many exciting projects of Hoskinson’s that show true leadership.

The platform is set


With all these exciting decentralised platforms creating so much opportunity for banking, politics, and the arts, as well as innovative science that has the ability to WAKE UP and create fulfilment for so many people… I’m filled with hope.

We are building towards a perfect storm.

(And no, not a rogue climate change-fuelled tornado!)


The most exciting thing is, what I see every day when I work with my clients – regular corporate managers, business owners and consultants!

In my work of helping people identify their own unique contributions (by tapping into their unique magic), I can honestly say I see that level of leadership inside every last one of us! Every one of the people I have worked with to unearth their unique contribution has a powerful way of leading people and making a massive ripple effect downstream, to create meaningful, creative, and innovative change for the better.

I believe, if we all treat humanity and the environment as if it were our own health, or the health of our children, and take the lead that we have inside us, we will survive.

And our kids might even inherit a thriving planet, not a limping one.

Look, it might take a worldwide collective and simultaneous psychedelic trip to get us there, but I don’t think so!

If we keep broadening our minds and continue to wake up to the fact that we can poke a goddamn hole in the paper bag we accepted as our reality before now (thanks for the metaphor Steve Jobs), then we might just have a chance!